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AAA 2020

Alfred Deakin High School is proud to encourage and support young aspiring artists through our annual school's art extravaganza. The annual event is an invitation and an opportunity for the school community of ADHS to come together in the celebration of the artistic talents of our students. The event encourages creativity and imagination and provides an occasion to audition and perform or work in a backstage or front of house capacity. 

 Due to COVID, this year the visual artworks of Alfred Deakin's talented students will be presented through a virtual exhibition. Combing the skills of our CAD (computer-aided design) students, and our students from the classes: UVA (unicorn visual arts), painting and drawing, and ceramics and drawing, we have assembled a truly unique and unforgettable art exhibit that ADHS has never done for the school community to enjoy. 

Credit: Emily Muscat (Year 9 UVA)

What's On

Categories of the exhibited artwork in the virtual art exhibition are; collages, portraiture, cloudscape, abstract art, drawing exercise, distorted face, and tree of life. Here's a snapshot of what they are:

UVA (Unicorn Visual Arts)
  • UVA Instagram

By creating their own portraiture, students explored the world of realism. You may ask, what is realism? 

Realism is a broad-ranging topic that refers to art which represents subjects with close attention to detail, often capturing gritty subjects and the harsh realities of ordinary life. The term is most frequently applied to French Realism, a style of art produced in the mid-nineteenth century that broke with historical and allegorical subjects in favour of real people in ordinary settings. (Artwork on the right by Kyanne Gray)

UVA (Unicorn Visual Arts)
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Using modern-day images, students recreated a classical artwork of their choice to represent a new concept or theme. By bringing together themes from different times, places and cultures, this genre proposes another history, upending the assumption that modern and contemporary themes can't have any correlation with historical artwork. (Artwork on the left by Lily Campbell)

UVA (Unicorn Visual Arts)
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Using the photos that they have taken of the clouds from their local landscape, students recreated the scenery as accurately as they could through painting. An absolutely stunning unit, explore the skies of Canberra from the bedroom window to the old parliament house. (Artwork on the left by Talia Brass)

Painting and Drawing (Semester 1)
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A result consisting of colourful patterns and hypnotising illusions, students collaborated with student musicians from the music class to create an abstract painting. 

(Artwork on the right by Lehansa Samaranayake)

UVA (Unicorn Visual Arts)
  • UVA Instagram

Ever wondered what's in the drawing portfolios of the artistically gifted students of ADHS? Here it is. This category consists of student's artworks of their drawing portfolios. Topic within are: Art with a Social Message, Contour Drawing and Tonal Drawing with Scrunched Paper.


(Artwork on the left by Dan Hollier-Smith)

UVA (Unicorn Visual Arts)
  • UVA Instagram

This is quite the funky category... As part of their drawing portfolio, students were tasked to create a distorted face in their choice of medium. 

(Artwork on the right by Kyanne Gray)

Ceramics and Drawing
  • UVA Instagram

What does the tree of life mean to you? This category consists of works that represented the students' definition of what the 'tree of life' meant to them.

(Artwork on left by Liliana Moore)


© 2020 by ADHS. Huge thanks to Ms Hopman & Lancelot and Lewis in CAD. 

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